Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the questions we get about our Tee Shirt quilts

How many shirts do I need?

Fill out the form with any questions you may have that we haven't answered.  You can also email me directly at [email protected] .  We'll be in touch within 24 hours.
The minimum is 9 graphic designs.  Remember that we can use the backs as well.  Go to Size Options & Prices to see the sizes and number of shirts/graphics you need.  One shirt could yield two graphics, so it's not about the shirts as much as how many graphics we get.

How long will it take to make my quilt?

It all depends on how many we have going in the studio.  It can be anywhere between one and three weeks.  Contact me (form and/or email to the right) and I can give you an exact date of when your quilt will be ready.

Do I get to pick the layout of my Quilt?

ABSOLUTELY!  We know some sites actually charge you if you would like some say in the design.  That's totally crazy.  We want you to let us know if there is a specific way you would like the shirts layed out. 

If you're not sure, that's fine too.  Tom does an amazing job of laying them out in a way so that all of the colors are dispersed in a manner that 's quite pleasing to the eye!  We always send a picture for approval.  If you don't like it, we'll keep working to find the set up that you like best!

What kinds of shirts can I use in my quilt? 

Tee Shirts, Tech Tees, Sweatshirts, Baby Clothes, Dress Shirts, Polos, Athletic Jerseys.....basically ANYTHING you can think of, we can get in a quilt.  Of course, contact us with any questions.!

How is the Quilt secure if there is a top and a Back? 

This is actually something that sets us apart from one of those "bargain" tee shirt quilt companies.  We "stitch in the ditch", which means we sew a straight line in each seam.  Those bargain places don't secure the layers at all.  This WILL cause shifting of the layers.

There are other places that do an all over quilt design, but those quilts can run anywhere from $ 300 for a small quilt to $ 500 for a larger quilt.

How do I pay for my quilt order?

After we get the shirts and a design is agreed upon, we require a 50% deposit.  The balance will be due prior to shipping it out to you.

We accept all credit cards, checks, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, and, of course, cash!

Does Tom REally help make the quilts?

Yes, he does!  Tom and Michele work together as a team to create each quilt.  Tom will sort and prep the shirts.  He uses his sharp eye to place the tees in the most pleasing manner!  He also cuts and irons. The only thing he doesn't do is sew - but I'm working on that!

I want a quilt!  How do I get started?

First, go to The Process .  The whole process is spelled out on that page.  Then, if you go to Size Options & Pricing and you can see what kind of quilt your shirts will make and how much it costs.